Rock Out Correctly

by The Mormons

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released October 14, 2016

Produced by The Mormons
Engineered by Tucker Robinson
Drums Engineered by Eddie Rivas at Total Annihilation Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Tucker Robinson
All Songs Written by The Mormons
Artwork and Lyrics by Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones - Vocals
Vince O’Campo - Lead Guitar / Bass
Jimmy Castillo - Bass / Lead Guitar
Pete Tintle - Rhythm Guitar
Tucker Robinson - Drums

© The Mormons 2016



all rights reserved


The Mormons Los Angeles, California

Rocking Out Correctly since 1998!

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Track Name: Mobilocalypse
Attention! Attention! Please be advised...
We are The Mormons and we are here to rock out correctly!
Please leave your homes. There is nowhere safe to go!
Track Name: Land Shrimp & Long Pork
Gauntlets studded in broken teeth
Femur bone blades without sheaths
Tunics taken from human hides
Of scalped hair cod pieces plied
Land shrimp and long pork in bubbling vats
Skewers of flame­ broiled rotisserie rats
Break bread from Candida yeast
Now it’s time for an Egyptian feast!
Don a necklace strung with ears
This leftover fat will keep for years
Human lamp shades shed new light on how our food is made
Insects scatter, it’s been so long since they’ve been afraid
“What is not worn will be eaten”
Credo of the no waste wasteland cretins
With hard times come hard rules
Nomadic mutants and gourmet ghouls
Sustenance sustained, clothing provided
How long will these luxuries keep the clans divided?
United in death, devoured in life
Eat and wear your fellow man, we all do the best we can
Track Name: Spectral Sleepworm
It’s a new virus
First of its kind
Spectral Sleepworm
Wrapped around the spine
It’s a new virus
Contracted from a nightmare
Dreamscape waiting room
Still beats urgent care
Wake up and go to sleep
Wake up and go to sleep, my dear
Slumber is safe again, so is your cortex
Spectral sleepworm return to the vortex
Things left behind and forgotten
Post ­twilight parasite, shriveled and so rotten
It’s a new virus
White cell dream warriors
Destroy night noxious
It’s a new virus
Once thrived in the dark
Medical waste dreamcatcher
Expunges on mark
Awake refreshed and ready for battle
This new knight ride high in the saddle
Good days rest is all that you need
Defend yourself from dream master’s creed
Track Name: Razorburn Stigmata
Ingrown hairs intersect within the neck
A painful growth, a wiry sect
This special structure exposes a perversion
Instilled at early age, vanities coercion
Reemerge as a post a­esthetic pustule
When joining razor to skin in unholy nuptial
Enemy bacteria in large doses
Pushed to the surface, pussing roses
Reinforce transformation with each stroke
There is no antiseptic made to cope
Trapped in obsolete generational excess
Possessed by groomings, foreign objects
Mutated follicles rearrange facial structure
Abomination of the flesh about to rupture
Track Name: Easy Dancing
Alpha Chumps swing from the chandeliers
Chomp at the bit and push down peers
I want to be one in my sleep
When dreams actualize I am a creep
Easy Dancing is the way to go
Tells me what I want them to know
That I have mastered this mating dance
Blood vessels fill my pants
A traction fire within my crotch
A healthy bulge connects the dots
Let me in...I want to pound
Place the lampshade like a crown
If you deny me, I masterbate
My ferocity is a healthy trait
Instinctual grind, sexual gore
Don’t you want a little more?
All I know is we mustn’t breed
Easy Dancing will waste my seed
Dry humping tends to end wet
Pleasure for’s a sure bet
Track Name: Turkeynecks
Viscous rope­like protein strands
Reverberate the cries of swollen glands
Throbbing carnal hydraulics
Red and raw
A copious push into
A gaping maw
Undulating endeavors
In plasmatic delight
Revolting extremities
In a futile fight
Headboards busting through the walls
Into a place where nature calls
Mons pubis within his range
An undercarriage ripe with strange
The rhythmic slapping is deafening
Primevil grunts never lessening
Track Name: Battle On!
Who will inherit the streets when order falls?
A homoerotic space age feudal cabal!
Traverse the plains of cinder block life cycles
On water­purifying stationary bicycles
Janitorial militiamen overdub
On scenes of primate purifiers that cease to scrub
Cybernetic ecologists with washboard abs
Here to destroy the fat­processing labs
Lord Laysalot and The Clan of the Organic Bed
Wrestle with the weight of his engorged head
Disenfranchised meta­youth of Dome 23
Terrorize the sub­yuppies of Sterile Zone C
Transgressive skin people of Flesh Port D
Sell their wares to Dump A­43
Track Name: Armchair-Armchairs
Sedentary adventurers rise from a comfy mire
In the seat of the pants, a revolutionary fire
Our armchairs have no use or function
There is nowhere left to sit in this junction
Lost is the logic of a comfortable place to have a seat
Forgotten dynamics of how body and cushion meet
Contemplating someone contemplating the void with a sandwich
Thousands of photocopied asses mutate into a new bandwidth
Distorting the picture with duplications of duplications
The prone position is finally on permanent vacation
Gone is the manifold under fabric and foam
No means of we must roam
The wasteland that was a living room
Unravelling sense like a backwards loom
Track Name: Apocalypse 2012 A.D. The Ride
Fiberglass wasteland beyond the turnstile
Prefab armageddon, single file
Crude monuments to human strife
Speakers crackle, bring the long gone to life
Screaming children enveloped by cuddly casualties
(dispensing hugs)
Drink cola from a historical tragedy
(collector’s mug)
Screaming children enveloped by cuddly casualties
(dispensing hugs)
Drink cola from a historical tragedy
Watch wars waged again in protective gear
A reproduction of the present with 16 dollar beers
Plaster ­of­ Paris captures us oh so well
Painted eyes caught in streams of hell
Track Name: Bathroom Tumor
Some say I’ve developed a bathroom tumor
Is it fact, or just another malignant rumor?
Some say I’m upright due to excess
Is it fact, or just another blabbing abscess?
Good posture due to intestinal impaction
Long for the days of anal contractions
Rising ranks of constipation
Solidified waste encases my spine
Fantasize about carrion floating in brine
I don’t know how I dug myself this hole
I look for the answers bobbing in the bowl
A fierce, forced knock at the door
My fragrant constitution slips from its core
A fierce, forced knock at the door...
Mandates are lost with flushed ambition
Aimlessly wandering the catacombs of nutrition
Mandates are lost with flushed ambition
Track Name: Surf God Is Great
Catch 3rd gen revival waves
Born again surf soldiers kill to save
Joel’s army rides high on a crush of death
When whitecaps turn red, no one is left
Catch 3rd gen revival waves
Undulating holy ghost kill to save
Joel’s army rides high on a crush of death
Muhammad’s crew is back and no one’s left
Jihadist shredders meet the rapture in a foaming tube
Sea shells and infidels fall against the brood
The break goes on forever like a righteous fight
Broken boards bathed in pious light
Your last breath is a silent fight
Track Name: Recoupin'
Categorize mistakes
In geometric form
What looks like a solid
Is actually a swarm
Whoopsies, boo boos, miscommunication
Humanity is holy hand manipulation
Learning from misshapes, a favored disfunction
Choose to see the beauty in mindless consumption
Let’s eat away the jumbled patterns of thought
Progress properly and sit and rot
Rot and sit, sit and rot, rot and sit
Don’t look back at the crack after
Falling on your ass
Perpetually break dancing
Out of recent past
Track Name: Circular Thought
Streamline all ultra­violet rays
Monitor girth through a neo­conscious haze
Happily gorge the way to appetite suppression
Microwaves trigger past life regression
Free thought in an easy to swallow pill
Civilization built upon malleable will
Circles of commercial dimensional breakdown
A generic rebellion trapped inside a shiftless mound
Vintage plagues ravage information extractors
Stand in line for the revolutionary ID compactors
Track Name: Red Steel Dawn
Start out with school books...graduate to RPGs
End up a swordsman in the aftermath of World War III
Communist marauders of the final battle
Overlapping notes of society’s death rattle
Tap into your default fighting science
Preservation is more default fighting science
Joust upon the desert sands
Think back on the words that made you a man
“Avenge me!” is what your father cried
A fresher wound is the day Tark died
Track Name: Mechanisms of Perseverance
Mechanisms of Perseverance in the End Times featuring the Ramirez Family